Forward Together: Sport Leaders Share Their Gender Equity Journeys

Join us for a conversation with sport leaders who have taken part in our Gender Equity Playbook Program as they share key factors that helped them create change.

Sport organizations face complicated challenges in trying to make their sports more inclusive to women and girls. If you’re a sport organization struggling to create change, you’re not alone!

For the last year, Canadian Women & Sport has been supporting sport organizations to understand their own gender equity opportunities and develop action plans through our Gender Equity Playbook program.

Join Canadian Women & Sport for a conversation with sport leaders who have gone through our Gender Equity in Sport Assessment with their organizations. Our panelists will share what they learned in their assessment experience, including how they built the right team to tackle gender equity challenges, worked to change the culture of their sport, and collaborated with other organizations to increase their success.  

Our panel will include:

  • Consuelo Zayas, Chief Financial Officer, Alpine Canada
  • June Sterling, Project Coordinator, Baseball Canada
  • Julie Gosselin, Vice President, Baseball Québec
  • Richard Way, Chief Executive Officer, Sport for Life Society

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions of each of our panelists. Visit our website to learn more about the Gender Equity Playbook.

This event will be hosted primarily in English with bilingual (English and French) slides. Please log in to the Eventbrite account you used to secure your ticket and go to the event page to view the panel when it is live.