Gender Equity Consulting

Embracing gender equity builds better sport for all.  In a 2020 survey of nationally funded sport organizations, 89% of organizations believed that gender equity was either essential or very important to their organization. But, an even greater number (95%) agreed that they needed more training and support on how to reduce barriers in sport for women and girls.

Informed by our 40-year history of committed leadership and impact, we partner with sport organizations, governments, and leaders to build better sport through gender equity. We’re experts on systemic change and strive to build a stronger, more equitable sport system for girls and women and for all Canadians. 

Here are some of the ways Canadian Women & Sport can support your organization in advancing its gender equity initiatives:

Gender Equity PlaybookExpert assessment on organizational strengths and opportunities, with hands-on support to build an action plan for top priorities
Review programs and resources with a gender lens Improve success of retaining girls in sport through verified girl-centred design
Policy review Improve success of policy being a successful lever to improve diversity
Skills matrix development and review for hiring and board recruitment Support for an objective practice that improves hiring diverse staff and directors
Same Game coachingCustomized help with a process proven to embed gender equity change in organizations
Guidance for Gender Equity committee Expert advice to help you identify who you need on your committee and what role this group will play in advancing your gender equity mandate.
Facilitated de-brief session on Gender Equity LENS e-learningEnhance personal learning and embed content in organizational culture through conversation on key concepts
Presentation/workshop: Women on BoardsCreate an inclusive board culture and strategies to assist in recruiting women
Presentation/workshop: Leading the Way: LGBTQI2S inclusion in sportBuild understanding of key LGBTQI2S topics and learn how to make sport more accepting of sexual and gender diversity
Presentation/workshop: Retention of Girls in Sport & Physical ActivityBuild capacity for designing programs to retain girls and women in sport
Presentation/workshop: Setting a Gender Equity vision Develop understanding of key terms and buy-in for gender equity through visioning
Consultation hours Expertise available to consult with organizations on opportunities not identified above

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Partnering with Canadian Women & Sport brought tremendous insight and a platform to educate, inspire and bring attention to the realities for women in sport and the challenges they face. This organization is definitely the best resource and expert on women and sport!

Tania Crecco, National Sponsorships, Dairy Farmers of Canada