Only 4% of media coverage is dedicated to women’s sports.  Finding photography of powerful women and girls playing sport can sadly be quite challenging.

We compiled this gallery to increase the availability of authentic, powerful, real images of women and girls playing sports.  We are grateful to contributions from sport partners who share our goal of creating gender equity in sport.  The images are available for anybody looking to showcase women and girls participating in a variety of sports.  We strongly believe that improved quantity and quality of representation of girls and women as leaders and participants in sport will help to enhance equity in actual leadership and participation in sport.

While we encourage usage to help showcase women and girls in sport, please note that photos are available for NON-COMMERCIAL use only. And, if you are using them, please ensure to give proper credit to the organization/photographer.

We are always looking to expand representation of women and girls in sport.  If you have photos that you are willing to contribute, please contact [email protected].