Winning Plays: The Gender Equity Playbook Report

In sport, gender equity remains a goal and not yet a mission accomplished.1 Canadian Women & Sport’s Gender Equity Playbook (“the Playbook”) advances gender equity in sport by helping sport organizations examine and align their policies, processes and programs using an intersectional gender lens.

This report provides sport leaders, funders and partners an inside look at the Playbook process and the state of gender equity within a cross-section of Canadian National Sport and Multi-Sport Service Organizations (the Playbook organizations).

This report highlights key learnings, triumphs, challenges and visions for growth that can be used to inform policies, investments, and actions broadly in the sport system. It is also an opportunity to celebrate the commitment to real and impactful change by the Playbook organizations.

Advancing gender equity is a team effort. The Gender Equity Playbook Report would not be possible without the collaboration of Canadian sport organizations and our research partners.

We acknowledge the financial support of Sport Canada in this project.

  1. Massengale, D., & Lough, N. (2010). Women leaders in sport: where’s the gender equity? Joperd: The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 81(4).