Experts Connect: Redefining Risk-Taking

One reason that girls often believe they don’t belong in sport is a fear of making mistakes. The potential to fail in front of their peers and jeopardize those relationships is perceived as more threatening than the potential enjoyment experienced in sport. Goal setting can help your participants to redefine risk as a means of taking control of their development as an athlete. This conversation will focus on how to lead activities that encourage your team and athletes to set productive goals that avoid productivity shaming. 

With the current realities of social distancing, how can sport leaders and coaches continue to promote social connection for their athletes?

In this conversation with Baseball Canada, we will be exploring questions such as:

  • How are you staying connected with individuals on your team or in your program?
  • How are you keeping your team/group connected with each other?
  • What are the biggest challenges your athletes are facing?
  • How have the teams’ goals and the goals of individual athletes changed/adapted to the current circumstances?

The slides in this webinar will be bilingual but the conversation will be primarily in English.

Submit your questions in advance to [email protected]!

This conversation is part of our Experts Connect: Building Social Connection for Girls in Sport series, highlighting how organizations are bringing to life the guidance from our She Belongs resource. Each conversation focuses on a different principle for fostering social connection, with context provided by a guest expert who will discuss their current programming challenges and successes, as well as tangible tips and guidelines that sport and community organizations can use in designing their own programs.

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